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Analysis of how a team functions

    • Looking at business processes (SOPs)

    • Understanding desired outcomes

    • Evaluation of collaborative events

  • Production of a Structured Working Week

    • Updating of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)​

    • Creation of new SOPs

    • Rationalisation of SOPs and collaborative events 

  • Evaluation of technical environment against updated requirements

    • Is the technology an enabler ​

    • Is the technology reliable, intuitive, and fit for purpose

    • What improvements can be made 

  • Design of Integrated Operations Centres

    • Space design and general arrangement 

    • Technical specification 

    • User Experience

    • Human Factors Engineering

  • Change Management

    • Adoption and embedding

    • Communications


Typical initiatives we advise and deliver involve integrated operations, centres of excellence, collaboration environments and emergency response facilities. Most engagements include digital elements that optimise business performance, such as: enhanced remote and near real-time monitoring of assets, connecting staff and key stakeholders to collaborate more effectively, improving organisational efficiencies, reducing operational cost and risk. 

We provide expertise to steer our clients throughout their transformational journey, conducting pilots / proof of concepts, plus scale-up and full deployment of solutions. Our advisory engagements can be specific and standalone, whilst others will cover the end-to-end lifecycle of a programme roll-out. 



Emergensys applies a consulting framework that starts with a discovery exercise – understanding client's vision, business drivers (for change), strategic and organisational objectives. We define and confirm the initiative’s scope, budget and expected deliverables. Through engagement with key stakeholders, we typically assess the in-scope landscape to identify and confirm the business challenges to address and opportunities to pursue. An evaluation of the relevant business processes and existing 'as is' ways of working is performed, capturing and prioritising business requirements based on expected value return. We will develop a business case for the client, make recommendations, provide budget estimates, produce conceptual design outputs and a clear delivery roadmap. 



Technology and digital solutions are enablers to achieving a business transformation. We apply our expertise to evaluate the existing applicability and maturity of technologies against the requirements captured. If they are not fit for purpose, we provide advice on most suitable technical options. Consideration is also given identifying any constraints, from a business, technical and infrastructure perspective, which must be factored into the agreed solution design. We prepare and produce detailed design documents (technical drawings, schematics and renders) applying Human Factors Engineering and ensuring compliance with relevant standards. 



Emergensys can oversee the project management and deployment of your initiative, including the diligent planning and execution of project tasks. We advocate a clear governance structure and delivery framework is created and adhered to. If required, our experience extends to overseeing the procurement and tender process for project delivery vendors – producing a bid list and determining the selection criteria. We can evaluate vendor responses, scoring against predefined technical and commercial criteria. We will conduct final due diligence of shortlisted vendors that result in the most suitable vendor firms being selected and appointed. 

Emergensys has a proven track record overseeing the delivery of works performed by the vendor(s), providing project management, quality assurance as technical authority. Responsible for coordinating all activities, we will ensure the agreed plan is delivered, tracking progress, managing, and mitigating risks as they arise. Finally, we can oversee training needs, including the testing and commissioning of solution(s) being deployed. A Post Implementation Review can be conducted, measuring value achieved that involves an appraisal of the engagement deployed, highlighting potential opportunities for ongoing performance improvements. 


Change Management 

With all transformational initiatives, successful implementations require sustained buy-in by those impacted, especially users. Emergensys has a structured approach to ensuring organisational and technology change is adopted and embedded successfully. This project element can be for the duration of the engagement, involving dedicated communications to key stakeholders being produced and delivered as per an agreed change management plan. Our expertise will also focus on business readiness to accept the change(s) being asked of staff, with measures deployed to minimise and eliminate resistance and apathy. Ongoing coaching and technical support can be provided, as required. Without your people ‘on-board’ delivering successful transformational change will be a challenge and should be proactively included as part of any project delivery plan. 

building high-performance teams through advanced collaboration, technical and human factors

Emergensys offers expertise and experience to deliver a client’s transformational vision. We provide domain consulting expertise to deliver high quality outputs and have a proven track record enabling clients to realise value. We optimise our clients' operations in a number of ways.
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