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Greenfield Smart City

Dholera - Gujarat, India


World's Largest Vessel

FLNG Prelude

Shell / SHI Samsung 

Smart Headquarters Building


Perth , Western Australia

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Keywords: Remote Operations, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Advanced Collaboration

Scope: To optimise processes and to design state of the art operations rooms for both offshore and onshore facilities as part of Shell’s CWE programme. 

Background: FLNG Prelude is the world’s largest floating object, and the first asset of its kind. It is a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production platform. Its design removes the need for onshore LNG processing. For more  click the link at the bottom of this section.


Locations: Geoje  - South Korea, Perth WA, and Offshore - Australia.

Description: Shell’s Perth new head-quarters houses the FLNG Prelude Collaborative Work Environment (CWE), a state-of-the-art operations floor that supports the Prelude facility 24 hours a day.

Source: Shell Prelude Factsheet Oct-2017

Keywords: Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), Integrated Operations Centre (IOC), Data Dashboards

Scope: To design the new Smart City’s entire Information Technology and Communications Infrastructure

Background: Dholera is a greenfield site which will be transformed in to one of India’s first Smart Cities as part of the Delhi Mumbai Infrastructure Corridor project. It is projected that the city will have a population of six million by 2042.

Locations: Ahmedabad - India, London - UK, Singapore.

Description: The nature of the Dholera engagement required a multifaceted approach. The scope covered a wide range of disciplines, not only with the IT domain, but also human factors, citizen engagement and the processes by which a city is operated. The team conducted a Smart City Bench-marking report as part of the design for Dholera. This study provided us with unparalleled insight in to how other Smart Cities operate, from a macro, to a very granular level, what is the current best practice, how legacy systems have been integrated (or not), and crucially what have been the challenges and lessons learned.  

Keywords: Enhanced Collaboration, Value Chain, Dashboards, Teaming & Sharing

Scope: To design new enterprise-wide standards for collaboration and control rooms at all levels


Background: Woodside is an Australian Oil & Gas enterprise. They were moving to a new HQ and took the opportunity to update all of the high-end collaboration systems across the enterprise.


Locations: Perth, WA


Description: Emergensys was retained to conduct analysis of all of the Enhanced Collaboration requirements with the business. This included collaboration environments, emergency response centres, value walls (dashboarding), teaming and sharing facilities. We produced s full set of designs for all of the systems and oversaw the delivery by systems integrators. Our role was to act as technical authority and to perform quality assurance. 


Integrated Operations Centre

Petroleum Development Oman

Muscat, Oman

Keywords: Integrated operations (IOC), remote team working, Optimisation


Scope: To assess and design a pioneering IOC that provides full remote monitoring and control of all operating assets in Muscat HQ.


Background: A feasibility assessment was conducted to explore the centralised control of all PDO’s oil assets. It was determined all oil, gas and power facilities, including pipeline should be in-scope for full value realisation.


Location: Muscat, Oman


Description: Strategic consulting and robust programme management of IOC design, plus delivery of interim objectives, including a Centre of Excellence for assets’ equipment condition monitoring and performance improvement. Change management activities also delivered.


Emergency Response Centres

Oil & Gas, Airline, Government

Deployed Globally

Keywords: Emergency Response, ICS Emergency Operations Centre


Scope: To design best in class emergency response centres for multiple organisations


Background: Emergensys has extensive experience in designing and operating EOCs. Our first centre was designed for BP in 1997. 


Location: Global Deployments


Description: Gathering requirements and understanding the organisations emergency response procedures and plans. Delivering technical solutions to enable better decision making and incident management. 


Collaborative Environments

Utilities, Oil & Gas, Offshore

Deployed Globally

Keywords: Advanced Collaboration / Collaborative Working Environments (ACE / CWE)


Scope: The delivery of physical environments to enable optimisations team to better perform their tasks using enhanced collaboration technology.


Background: Major thrusts in the energy and natural utilities sectors lead to the development of (ACE / CWE) advanced collaboration  environments. These were designed to enable faster and better decision making by garnering the correct info and teams together at the right time. 


Location: Global Deployments


Description: Understanding a team's responsibilities, the information they need and the actions they are tasked with, so a technical environment can be deployed to optimise collaboration and improve performance.

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